What Is the Difference Between Enterprise and Non-Enterprise Web Applications?

The key points that define enterprise web apps

2 min readApr 7, 2020

To explain what enterprise web application is we need to define the word “enterprise” first.

What is Enterprise?

“Enterprise” usually stands for a large organization or business. Some examples are:

  • Local, state, or government entities
  • Large companies, with lots of branches that work across the country or internationally
  • International non-profit groups and organizations

A lot of people performing different roles work in enterprise companies or organizations: sales, marketing, HR, logistics, etc.

Defining Enterprise Software

Enterprise web application needs to satisfy the needs of all those people and guide them through the company’s processes.

For example:

  • Salespeople can log client information
  • Production employees can see the client’s specification to build the product
  • Managers can track client and employee performance

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That means, that enterprise web-applications usually have different levels of access and functionality for different roles. Since the enterprise is a large-scale organization, with lots of processes and functions, the enterprise web applications are also large-scale and complex. They are usually a set of programs that are integrated with each other.

Core Enterprise Web Apps Characteristics

Some key characteristics that define enterprise web applications:

  • Customizable
  • Business-oriented
  • Integrated with other software that’s used at the enterprise
  • Scalable
  • Reliable, usually distributed among several physical locations

On the contrary, non-enterprise web applications are used by individual users.

Final Thoughts

Enterprise web apps are becoming more and more important these days for business growth. They require to reach the defined business objectives and uncover the far-reaching potential. The more unique were enterprise software solutions developed, the more possibilities the company gets.

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