What Are the Biggest HR Challenges When Running a Startup

​The 3 biggest HR challenges for startup companies allocated from our own experience

2 min readMay 28, 2020

Humans are complicated!

Each person has their own thoughts, tactics, and strategy.

  • Collaboration

The hardest part here comes up when we try to collaborate. So we can clearly say that collaboration is the core of any business, but at the same time is the biggest challenge.

  • Workflows & Systems

That is a point when we start building workflows and systems. The biggest problem here is how we are shaping systems, or humans, or both to fit into each other. Building a new system raises waves of acceptance and rejection. And let's be honest, this is the biggest challenge to motive your workers to use it and be happy at the same time.

Before implementing something new, we try to listen and discuss. Understanding clients' and workers' needs are essential to every business model.

  • Measurement

After we try to gather a proactive group of workers to develop a system that will increase efficiency in a particular place and will be clearly measured.

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Measurement is a key element here, and, at the same time, is another challenge, especially for a startup. Without measuring and monitoring processes, you risk facing ignorance and demotivation from your workers and this is clearly understandable. It is hard to drive without knowing the next point in your journey and even harder to be happy as there is no result of your work.


As a result, we have a system, which is created by your Human Resources manager. A system that is transparent to everyone and has the highest possible acceptance rate we can imagine.

Having processes developed by your own workers that are connected to business needs and clearly measured will significantly increase motivation and overall performance and the most valuable asset — happiness.

Wanna discuss your startup challenges? Let’s find a solution for each one together!

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