Was About to Enter the Conservatory but Ended Up Being a Successful Developer

​How a musician died in me, but the owner of a software development agency was reborn

On a Path to Conservatory

At some point, I enrolled in music school. Imagine my feelings on those first days. You know, just like a “dream come true”. However, my mother has decided a guitar would be a more practical choice, so instead of mastering the so-desired piano lessons, I’ve started learning chords on a guitar. And that wasn’t all so romantic as I thought before.

A Thing Has Changed Everything…

One day when I was in a kids’ summer camp, she called me and asked whether I wanted to go to Paris and try out my talent in a music contest. The girls, who usually took part in such events, came to some other fest. Without hesitation, I immediately left the camp and devoted the whole summer to the contest preparations.

The Turning Point

They thought that an engineering field was much more promising at that time.

University Years

Remarkably, entering the engineering faculty, my music activities continued. Since freshman year together with my group mates, we’ve found a rock band. Interestingly, at some point, we discovered that one of our teachers also liked playing on a keyboard. So we have invited him into our band. We were practicing a lot, however, just once had a real performance on the campus.

The Founder Path

Music has accompanied me even after graduation. I handily balanced between a band and an engineering job. However, the more results I saw in software development, the more fascinated I was with the opportunities that technologies uncover in many spheres. Thereafter, engineering sidelined my passion for music.

Do I Regret My Choice?


Final Thoughts

Music is an integral part of my life and it will always be this way. When I am with my family or my friends, the guitar is my beloved companion.



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