How Virtual and Augmented Reality Revolutionizes Agriculture

The agricultural industry turns to VR & AR to boost business in Ukraine and worldwide

Virtual training is already a reality

To start a small-scale farm, you need at least 5 people. And the bigger the farm, the more people are involved. With innovative farm technologies — the staff needs complex training. Virtual training allows you to optimize the solution to this issue. Such training costs much less.

The augmented reality saves money on using the plants' protection tools

(с) Ekkasit Keatsirikul

How does the augmented reality works in this case?

There are two options of the augmented reality implementation:

  • special glasses;
  • smartphone and tablet.

More about the world’s best cases

The first case is the Isabel project in San Francisco. It’s a stand-alone mobile application, which manages a 177-hectare hydroponic farm. They worked in the social sector, so the local budget is fully paid for the project. We were training staff and then completely automated the farm.

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