7 Inspiring Examples of Using Digital Twin in Manufacturing

Discovering how giant enterprises employ digital twin technology for product excellence.

Examples of Using Digital Twin in Manufacturing

What Is the Digital Twin Value in the Manufacturing Industry? 🏭

Along with IoT and big data, DT development is currently the major driver of digital transformation in manufacturing. The stats are quite revealing: the mass production industry is the largest market for digital twin services. The global value of the DT market for manufacturers is predicted to reach 6.69 billion in 2025, as stated by Statista.

Real Use Cases of Using Digital Twin in Manufacturing 📋

Despite the fact that creating digital twins is a relatively new approach, it is already widely embraced by industry giants across a number of segments, from consumer electronics to energy tech. As of today, the list of companies using digital twins to boost their manufacturing processes includes:

#1. Renault Group (Automotive)

The French automotive giant uses the product digital twin approach to develop virtual copies of real-world vehicles before they are produced. The product journey begins with creating the virtual vehicle design: from shape and appearance up to the smallest details of the interior. After the design is ready, the engineering department begins working on the virtual model of all the technological parts: engine, electronics, mechanics, and navigation systems included.

#2. Kaeser (Machinery Manufacturing)

The German compressor production and service firm is another manufacturer on the list of companies using digital twins. Kaeser uses digitization to expand its product range. Rather than selling compressor units and leaving customers to operate them, the company adopted an as-a-service model. The customer gets charged based on their air consumption rates, and the company leads the unit through its lifecycle along with all the necessary maintenance and repairs.

#3. Unilever PLC (FMCG)

This manufacturing giant offers us one of the most impressive digital twin use cases in manufacturing. The company started out by building 8 DTs of its factories located in different world regions. As of 2020, Unilever has completed more than 100 digital manufacturing sites to create a virtual model of the entire supply chain.

#4. Boeing (Aviation and Aerospace)

The world’s largest aerospace company is using DTs for aircraft modeling, engineering, and design. The need to organize, manage and derive information from loads of data prompted Boeing to create a digital twin of every asset and system involved in production. Boeing plans to share the results of this fundamental project with the supply chain participants.

#5. Bridgestone (Tire Manufacturer)

Another company using DTs is Bridgestone. The world’s top producer of tires and rubber uses product DTs to estimate how various conditions including driving styles will impact their products. This helps vehicle fleets pick the optimal tire options for their purposes. Thus, the application of DTs helps increase product lifespans and protect the wheels from breakages.

#6. FMC Technologies (EnergyTech)

In the energy sector, the oil and gas service company FMC Technologies is taking advantage of DT to improve the quality of their processes, detect and eliminate operation bottlenecks, and plan production in advance to meet future market needs. The company initially implemented DTs to maximize output and adjust its manufacturing lines to higher product quantities.

#7. Electrolux (Electronics)

The Swedish domestic electronics manufacturer runs 48 production sites and has a comprehensive digitization strategy. Its first steps involved the simultaneous launch of several manufacturing projects. Consequently, the company plans to create digital twins for all of its production facilities.

Final Words 💬

The rapid development of technologies and the growth of competition encourage more and more companies to use virtual twins. Depending on your goals and the specifics of the industry, the digital solution may be different. But one thing is certain — the idea of the digital twin is the driver that boosts the efficiency of your facility.



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