​How a musician died in me, but the owner of a software development agency was reborn

On a Path to Conservatory

At some point, I enrolled in music school. Imagine my feelings on those first days. You know, just like a “dream come true”. However, my mother has decided a guitar would be a more practical choice, so instead of mastering the so-desired piano lessons, I’ve started learning chords on…

​The story behind Uber: how its founders came up with the Uber app idea

​The 3 biggest HR challenges for startup companies allocated from our own experience

  • Collaboration
  • Workflows & Systems

The key points that define enterprise web apps

What is Enterprise?

“Enterprise” usually stands for a large organization or business. Some examples are:

  • Local, state, or government entities
  • Large companies, with lots of branches that work across the country or internationally
  • International non-profit groups and organizations

Defining Enterprise Software

Enterprise web application needs to satisfy the needs of all those people and guide them through the company’s processes.

  • Salespeople can log client information
  • Production employees can see the client’s…

What is a standalone app and how business can utilize its benefits

Under the hood of ECS and why should you bother making your game efficient

7 core features for time- and cost-efficient project development

7 Core Features of Unity3D 2020 Version

Here is the list of what’s ahead…

Visartech is evaluated by GoodFirms as one of the top video game development companies in the United States

The Versatility That Visartech Exudes

A seasoned player, founded in 2010, Visartech has reigned the game development arena for nearly a decade without even missing a beat.

What makes us believe that VR will change gaming, entertainment, and much more

Key insights on why businesses should focus on standalone VR app development

Anatolii Landyshev

CTO & Co-Founder of Visartech Inc., a software product development agency that creates custom digital solutions for businesses. Reach me @ www.visartech.com

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