​The story behind Uber: how its founders came up with the Uber app idea

Everyone wants to know the cost of software product development even before an estimation for a specific inquiry is conducted. We have so many articles all over the web that illustrate the factors that influence the costs. There are also many data about rough estimations. Though no one can say clearly how much the resulting application will cost.

There's no wonder!

As indeed no one can accurately predict the numerous factors that may influence the final digital solution cost. That's because so many things can happen before the release. …

​The 3 biggest HR challenges for startup companies allocated from our own experience

Humans are complicated!

Each person has their own thoughts, tactics, and strategy.

  • Collaboration

The hardest part here comes up when we try to collaborate. So we can clearly say that collaboration is the core of any business, but at the same time is the biggest challenge.

  • Workflows & Systems

That is a point when we start building workflows and systems. The biggest problem here is how we are shaping systems, or humans, or both to fit into each other. Building a new system raises waves of acceptance and rejection. …

The key points that define enterprise web apps

To explain what enterprise web application is we need to define the word “enterprise” first.

What is Enterprise?

“Enterprise” usually stands for a large organization or business. Some examples are:

  • Local, state, or government entities
  • Large companies, with lots of branches that work across the country or internationally
  • International non-profit groups and organizations

A lot of people performing different roles work in enterprise companies or organizations: sales, marketing, HR, logistics, etc.

Defining Enterprise Software

Enterprise web application needs to satisfy the needs of all those people and guide them through the company’s processes.

For example:

  • Salespeople can log client information
  • Production employees can see the client’s…

What is a standalone app and how business can utilize its benefits

Wanna enhance productivity and communication within your business without leaving your computer? There’s a software that meets your needs.

With the ever-increasing demand for mobility that requires constant access to the internet standalone desktop applications seems to lose in popularity. Though internet connection increases the chance of security breach. So for certain business tasks, standalone desktop applications are a great match. They are a powerful business tool that solves specific problems and makes it almost impossible for someone to use major company data by third-parties.

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Under the hood of ECS and why should you bother making your game efficient

This post was originally published in Visartech Blog

To date, a truly vast majority of both well-established companies and amateur game developers and indie teams use the Unity engine to develop games, applications, simulations, visualizations, etc. One of the reasons for such popularity is the rather low entry threshold compared to peers. It allows beginners to create their first game prototypes after just a few days or even hours of training.

Surely, such simplicity looks very tempting. Because indeed, it is enough to throw assets on the game scene, hang a couple of built-in components and a few scripts on…

7 core features for time- and cost-efficient project development

This post was originally published in Visartech Blog

Unity has announced their big release of Unity3D 2020 and the new functionality it brings to us. We’re excited to describe how the latest features can boost businesses.

The development process has always been challenging. To make a product look gorgeous takes a lot of skills. However, Unity makes the task easier compared to any other engine with similar features.

Now, Unity3D 2020 simplifies a great deal of the hardest processes. So let’s review each feature that Unity3D has announced to be in this version.

7 Core Features of Unity3D 2020 Version

Here is the list of what’s ahead…

Visartech is evaluated by GoodFirms as one of the top video game development companies in the United States

This post was originally published in Visartech Blog

A peerless exponent in the gaming industry, Visartech has been listed as one of the top video game development companies in the United States by GoodFirms riding on its innovation and unconventional methods to deliver solutions.

To learn more about this virtuoso innovator, take a look at Visartech’s GoodFirms’ profile.

The Versatility That Visartech Exudes

A seasoned player, founded in 2010, Visartech has reigned the game development arena for nearly a decade without even missing a beat.

Riding on its innovative approach and a passion for their work, the firm has delivered numerous finished products in the…

What makes us believe that VR will change gaming, entertainment, and much more

Nowadays people often ask "Is VR the future of gaming?", "What are the future applications of virtual reality?", "Will VR become mainstream?". Let's try to deal with those questions at once in this piece of writing.

Our vision is that VR is the next stage of technological evolution in gaming, entertainment, and user interfaces.

Key insights on why businesses should focus on standalone VR app development

This post was originally published in Visartech Blog

With virtual reality, people can tour major attractions, practice professional skills, perform a real-estate deal, rehearse a conference speech, and much more, all from the comfort of their own home. The major assistant here is a VR headset. Over time I’ve witnessed heated debates on the topic of PC vs. standalone VR. I’ve started forming my own reasoning as to which one is the most promising.

So let me share some insights I’ve discovered and why I believe that businesses should put a focus on standalone VR app development.

The top 10 cyber threats that security testing can detect

This post was originally published in Visartech Blog

What does the security testing term mean at all? According to Wikipedia, it is an assessment of the software vulnerability to various attacks.

What kind of attacks imply here?

Primarily it is an illegal breach of cybercriminals into the system aiming at extracting data about users or obtaining benefits for their own needs with the help of vulnerabilities present in the software code.

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Let’s see which hacking methods are popular nowadays and what dangers and risks they entail.

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